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Is the reason that there was an increase in weight problems because of the fact that adults in immediately’s society are lazy? Are all of us just a bunch of torpid couch potatoes that don’t do something but sit round and eat on a regular basis? I say no. As an alternative we’re a product of revolutionary technological society. I’m not saying we are able to blame technology, reasonably I’m saying that as with our youth, the grown up or adults are also a mirrored image of the society that enclose them. It isn’t an excuse, however it’s a thought I pondered primarily based on my typical day.

I stand up in the morning, to not the sound of an annoying buzz, beep, or harsh sound of the radio. These alarms would get my blood racing proper from the start, however I’d hit snooze to cease the madness. Then it would happen again, and once more, the snooze bar. After a couple of instances of this I’m would now be late for work, rush to take bathe if I even had time, hurry to the automobile, and speed or run off to work. Not in immediately’s world. As an alternative, I wake to the gently sound of the ocean on my homedics radio and slowly wake peacefully without disturbance. No blood pumping, no increased or grown in heart rate. I simply have a pleasant and slow, simple awakening. Subsequent I head to the bathe where I put turn on my bathe CD player and listen to one thing that I get pleasure from while I take my time letting the water nearly run cold.

Throughout my toweling dry off and getting dressed interval of the morning, I can hear my coffee being made on the coffee maker machine that’s set to make me a cup coffee every morning with me not having to do a factor. While I sit and drink my coffee thinking about the day forward of me, I discover that it’s nearly gone, so I gently push a button on my key ring that starts or begins my car and will get it good and heat for me earlier than I even get to it. I can then take my leisure walk or stroll to my car, get in, and have a pleasant peaceful drive to work barring any unexpected highway rage. Nothing like earlier than after I needed to run to my car as a result of I used to be late more often than not due to the feeling of my alarm or run as a result of it was cold after which get in and shake and shiver for 10 minutes till it warmed up.

As soon as at work I discover myself taking out my PDA and seeing what’s on my list for the day. Nope, no extra flipping by pages of my pocket scheduler or calendar. My work day is easy and uneventful, however as an alternative of getting to run backwards and forwards by the workplace to get messages to everybody, I can now merely send an interoffice e mail with the push of a button. When it’s time to depart, I again begin my car from my workplace and drive home.

Arriving at house, I put in a microwave dinner that doesn’t should be chopped up, reduce up, blended, stirred, kneaded, poked, and even prodded. Push just a few buttons and 5 minutes later I’m sitting in entrance of the TV watching the reveals I recorded on my cable’s digital recorder and consuming my 5 minute, nuked meal. Would I’ve carried out this in the past? The reply isn’t any, as a result of I’d have needed to physically make one thing to eat, and there wouldn’t be something on TV price watching, so I’d eat and go do one thing like yard work, clear the home, play with the children, no matter, simply something else to occupy the time. Oops, while I used to be eating, I bought some crumbs on the ground after which dropped some extra on the way again to the kitchen. Oh effectively, I’ll simply push the button on my robotic vacuum cleaner and let it clear the entire flooring as it’s pre-programmed to do. Lastly, my day is coming to an finish and as a substitute of doing one thing really constructive earlier than I am going to bed, I can’t resist the chance to surf the Web for a short time, maybe chat to some friends or family members, and examine my e mail. In addition to, I’ve to plug in my PDA to the pc anyway. Now my lazy or technologically dysfunctional day is full.

This entire story brings me again to my query that began the whole thing. Am I lazy or am I only a product of my surroundings. It’s this creator’s opinion that I’m each. Years in the past, even the easy issues like making the dinner could be exercise, however now it’s too simple as a result of it’s carried out for you in a field. Everything right now is simple and most adults are on the heavy side, as a result of issues are simpler and don’t take as a lot energy. That doesn’t imply we in society are lazy, it means we don’t should exert ourselves as a lot to perform the every day routines which are wanted to finish the day. However, I might stop by the fitness center on my method home, or go for a stroll or walk after dinner, so I’m additionally lazy too. The Internet simply pulls me in night time after night and I can’t appear to make myself do anything after eating dinner. Shame on you know-how for holding that gun to my head!

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