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Diabetes Freedom

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Welcome to Diabetes Freedom! A high-converting offer your health lists will love. Super high EPCs from all types of health, weight loss and survival lists.  In 60 Days, You’ll Have Melted The Fat From Your Pancreas And Liver And Reversed Your Type 2 Diabetes, Or You Pay Nothing

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Diabetes Freedom Program Testimony;

I Was Finally Free From Diabetes Type 2

The first thing I did after hearing the news was go see my grandson Lucas.

He looked worried as I kneeled down to speak to him. As if he remembered when the doctor was discussing my leg amputation.

Diabetes Freedom Program

Grandpa is better now. I told him, smiling. We can go play together as much as you want.

Seeing the biggest, happiest smile break out on his face was the best moment of my entire life. He jumped up and hugged me, giggling with joy. Diabetes Freedom Program

I love you Grandpa. He said. I felt like a million dollars at that moment.

And I’m embarrassed to admit, I burst into tears.

The emotions were too much. Diabetes Freedom Program

The little guy was too young to understand that it was all thanks to him.

3 months later I had a checkup and I was as healthy as I’d been since my twenties.

I’d lost a total of 42 pounds. I was overflowing with energy. Diabetes Freedom Program

My health markers were all in the optimal range. I felt great.

A few weeks later we attended Julian and Noriko’s wedding. I felt as proud as any father could feel that day.

At the reception as we ate wedding cake I talked with my wife about our exciting plans now I’d reversed my diabetes. Diabetes Freedom Program

Do you know what our wonderful grandson just said to me? I said.

“He told me I had to help all the other diabetics get better.”

“What a golden heart that boy has.”

Linda’s eyes welled up with tears.

You know, he’s right…she finally replied. We have to spread the word and help others. Diabetes Freedom Program

Linda’s diabetic friend Donna was the first to give my treatment a try.

She was reluctant at first because she used to be a nurse and for her, the doctor’s advice was the only way to go.

Diabetes Freedom Program

But when we showed her my own blood sugar improvement over 3 weeks, then at 5 weeks, she decided she should try it out.

At the 7-day mark, she’d lowered her blood sugar from 181 to 143.

It’s most likely a temporary fix, she said.

But 3 weeks after that she was down to 119.

Not Only That But She’d Shed 20 Pounds In Those 4 Weeks, Lowered Her Blood Pressure And Even Got Her LDL Cholesterol Down.


She was able to throw her meds and testing kits away for good.

Then I got my old mentor and cop partner Roy to give it a go.

He was 71 and retired. And like a lot of guys his age, he’d developed diabetes type 2.

And Roy wasn’t overweight or anything. He was in shape for his age. Like I said, skinny people can have diabetes too.

He tried the program out for 2 weeks before texting me his results.

Hey George. Blood sugar’s down to 120 already.

And I don’t know what it is but I have this new surge of energy since I started.

The results were so impressive that we decided to find people through Facebook who suffered from Type 2 Diabetes.

We set up this website to share our secret so others can get these same results and throw away their medication…

We found groups where there were thousands of people who were tired of being stuck on diabetes meds that did nothing for them.

We shared our discovery with anyone who was interested.

To tell you the truth I didn’t expect it to work as well as it did, but…Diabetes Freedom Program

I Was Completely Blown Away By The Results…

A few weeks later I started getting several dozen thank you messages on Facebook a day.

Before we knew it, our solution had been shared thousands of times.

Everyone who thanked us had completed these 3 steps and reversed their Type 2 Diabetes.

Others who had only half-followed the program had got their blood sugar levels under control and were very happy.


Once we saw how much this helped people, we knew we had to go bigger and put together a full program with feedback from our earlier testers and help as many people as we could. Diabetes Freedom Program

We simply couldn’t leave people in the dark, suffering with diabetes type 2.

So, I contacted Professor Freeman and together we worked hard to make the nutrition program super clear and easy to follow.

And because we know that most diabetics miss eating tasty foods…Diabetes Freedom Program

I got my son Mike to add some delicious flavor to the recipes. He’s head chef in a hotel restaurant.

And we added the whole gamut of info below which will benefit every kind of diabetic in every way possible. Diabetes Freedom Program


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